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Lith printing is like no other form of printing imaginable.  I am especially attracted to the moodiness and colored undertones created by the lith printing process. Due to this extraordinary process, each piece is unique and cannot be duplicated, adding to the overall charm of the image. None of these images have been toned with an additional toner, the colors you see are a result of the chemical reaction between the different photographic papers and the lith chemistry.  Click on a thumbnail for a larger image.




Bristol Architecture

bristol 2

Bristol Architecture 2

Saint James Church

St. James

St James 2

St. James

hood ornament

Hood Ornament

Sues willows

Sue's Willows

Highway 1 trees

Highway 1 Trees

pop 9

Pop 9

petaluma reflection

Petaluma Refection

Napa Refection

Napa Bridge

Destination Montana
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