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Cyanotypes have been around for a long time, and the recipe has changed very little since Sir John Herschel introduced the alternative photographic process in 1842.  Cyanotype uses a solution of iron compounds suspended in water and coated on an absorbent material.  You may use a negative to create a photograph or objects to create photograms; then place the object on the material, expose it to uv light, and rinse to create a blue print.

This quilt is one I made from botanicals I grew in my own garden.  Not only are all of the 8X8 inch silk squares hand printed, but each of the corner squares and frame rectangles are hand printed as well. I then pieced them all together and hand quilted the entire quilt.   First I had to wait for the right sunlight, however; the wrong time of day and the exposures would have been uneven. You may notice a couple of the squares have a lavender/brown tone. This is a chemical reaction between the botanical oils and the cyanotype chemistry.  The other two images are photograms I created to compliment the quilt.

hand quilted botanical cyanotype quilt

cyanotype clemetas

Cyanotype Clematis


Pete's Gold- Hand colored , with oil paint

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