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The San Mateo Coast is home for me, consequently, I spend a great deal of time taking photographs here. All but "ManWith Fire" and "Boy at the Beach" were all taken on the San Mateo coast. The other two images were shot near the town of Santa Cruz.  Santa Cruz is about an hour south of me.

It should be noted that in California there is more than one Pebble Beach, this is the San Mateo coast, not the Los Angeles area, Pebble Beach.

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Pebble Beach Culvert

Bean Hollow Culvert

Pebble Beach Wave

Pebble Beach Waves

Pebble Beach Rock

Pebble Beach Rocks

Princeton Pier

Princeton Pier

Princeton Sign

Princeton Sign to Maverick's Surf Competition

Trail Sign

Trail Sign

Boy On Beach

Boy On Beach

Man With Fire

Man With Fire


Paper Whites

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