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Kate Halloran, Photographer

photographer portrait by Becky RuppelI have been taking pictures since I was a small child.  Eventually I went on to study fine art photography.  I am particularly attracted to the more hands on approach of traditional black and white printing, and I am especially drawn to the intricate process of lith photography. I often like to take my art to the next level by hand coloring my images with oil colors.  I also enjoy creating cyanotypes.

I am often asked what sort of images I shoot. My subject matter tends to be whatever catches my eye twice.  I do not specialize in landscapes, portraits, or any other singular subject, preferring shoot all of the above and then some, depending on what I see.  I shoot with relatively short lenses and primarily use a Nikon N80 camera body, but have many special effects cameras and filters, as well.

Lith printing is an intense photo process that also uses black and white negatives.   What gives the image its color is the combination of the different black and white silver gelatin papers and the lith chemistry.  Lith printing is more complex than traditional black and white printing, but the end result speaks to my soul, making the more complicated process well worth the effort.

With lith photography each piece is a unique piece of art.  I may choose to reprint a negative, but, due to the hand processing, I never get the exact same results.  Even two images processed at the same time, in the same batch of chemistry, will be different from one another.

My hand colored prints are processed originally as a traditional black and white or lith prints.  I then painstakingly hand color oil paint on to the image, in order to create a one of a kind work of art.

I also have published a journal featuring lith prints of a road trip to Montana and back.  Destination Montana is available through Blurb Publishing.

If you have any comments, or see an image you would like to purchase, please contact me at (650)918-8971 or

Email Kate Halloran at hallorankate@yahoo.com


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