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Welcome to my web site!

love in the mist

My photographs are created using a variety of alternative photographic processes, producing beautiful and complex images.  This site has many exciting lith, black and white, hand colored and cyanotype photographs that I have created from images shot all over the United States and other countries I have visited.

For those unfamiliar with lith prints, they are moody, enigmatic prints that, due to the chemicals used in processing, have an unusual tonal quality about them.

hood ornament

On my site you will find a variety of lith and traditional black and white photos and cyanotypes I have further enhanced with oil paints for a hand colored image.  I also occasionally use toners to change my images.

I have also included selections from my book Destination Montana, © 2011 To purchase or preview Destination Montana please visit http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/22978

Email Kate Halloran at hallorankate@yahoo.com


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